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EstApp-provides the local market with a smart platform that provides real-time data on available properties, compatible roommates, payments for rental and also to hold landlords accountable for maintenance. “In essence, both parties get the best out of our app because it allows users to rate listed agents, roommates and landlords so that we can all get better services.”

Drawing on users-, and incorporating the latest technology, EstApp has launched an all-in-one app, which introduces Namibia’s first property feed to the market. The new app changes the way you search for property, making it simpler, faster and a whole lot smarter EstApp cover all sectors: residential, business, industrial and agricultural – whether it be rentals or new developments. Buyers have the best of recent listings and sellers get direct access to the market.

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Not looking to buy… then RENT!! Our app allows you to search for a suitable rental space.


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There are over one million listings to search from.


Legitimize a brand, increase sales, improve customer service and distribute content.


"Searching for accommodation has never been this easier. Thanks to EstApp"
Alex Shilongo
App Reviewer

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